The best sawmill in Verona

We cut granite and quartzite with the most advanced machinery technology.

In a 20,000 sqm facility

Administrative and production headquarters

with Powerful Machinery

Pedrini multi-wire

5 Pedrini Multiwire


The latest generation of 5 Pedrini's diamond wires, which measure only 5 mm in diameter, substantially minimise chipping in granite and quartzite blocks. This is achieved while maintaining rapid processing times, thanks to their outstanding penetration capability.

Diamond frame

 1 Diamond frame


Enhanced by diamond-tipped blades, the efficiency of a traditional machine is maximised.
Compared to traditional grit frames, this modification of ours speeds up the cutting process and its precision. 

and a Service

For perfect Sawing

The key requirement for achieving excellence in granite and quartzite architecture or cladding lies in the precision cutting of slabs, ensuring uniform thickness across their surface.

Marmi Mario Testi was established in 1958 in Sant'Ambrogio di Valpolicella and, due to significant growth, relocated to Volargne in 1972.
In 1995, a new source of energy emerged with the arrival of Valentino, Mario's son.

The facility now employs a total of forty people.

In 2002, the office building was transformed into a spacious multifunctional cube.
The production facility spans 20,000 square metres, including a hall of 5.000 square metres which has consistently accommodated cutting-edge machinery.

With our ongoing commitment to investing in cutting-edge technologies, we consistently uphold the promise of excellence.

We take pride in being recognized as the premier sawmill, where cutting-edge technology is complemented by unparalleled service and customer care.

Warehouse and production headquarters
Bridge cranes


With a storage capacity of 12,000 square metres, you can confidently entrust your materials to us in a meticulously organised and secure environment.

The warehouse is equipped with 2 overhead cranes and features a spacious central corridor, facilitating smooth transit even for large trucks.

One crane has a 35-tonne capacity, while the other can handle loads of up to 50 tonnes, accommodating even large blocks during special transports.

It is clear that with our equipment, we place no limits whatsoever on your needs for handling and cutting granite and quartzite. 

Our vehicle


We gather and transport your blocks using our own vehicle, offering a comprehensive service that eliminates the necessity of engaging external transporters for sending and retrieving your blocks before and after processing.


We cut granite, quartzite, beola, marble, hard marble, onyx, basalt and also agglomerates.

As can be seen from the photographs, our depot has a huge storage capacity. The post-COVID situation necessitates us to quickly unload hundreds of blocks within a short timeframe (approximately one week) due to shipping shortages.

With our own truck within a radius of 10 km we provide both block pick-up and slab delivery.

Map and Contacts

  • Marmi Mario Testi sas
    di Testi Valentino & C,
    Via Vegri, 418
    37020 - Volargne di Dolcè
    Verona - Italy
    VAT NO. 02473670236


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