Cutting-edge machinery ensures optimal handling of all varieties of granite and quartzite, delivering precise cuts while preserving the integrity of the processing surface.
Average cutting time 8 to 10 hours.

5 Multi-wire

Pedrini multi-wire F80
Pedrini multi-wire F80

3 Multi-wire F80


Pedrini stands as the unrivalled leader in manufacturing cutting machines. These three powerful multi-wire machines boast 80 wires, each merely 5mm thick.
With no less than three multi-wires, we are therefore able to cut blocks up to a width of 2 metres and 15 centimetres. 

Pedrini multi-wire F80 GT108

Multi-wire GT108


Pedrini also offers a multi-wire machine featuring 72 wires, maintaining the same 5-millimetre diameter, with a maximum block width of 1 metre and 93 centimetres.

Pedrini multi-wire F48

Multi-wire F48


A Pedrini machine, equipped with 48 wires, may appear to be our smallest multi-wire; however, its compact size enables us to handle cuts as small as 12mm.

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